The research program will be concluded with the publication of a compendium and an edited volume in September 2021. In addition, all separate research projects of the program will result in one or more monographs or edited volumes. Most of these publications will also be launched in September 2021.

The main research questions of the program will be answered in a monograph, summarizing both the existing historiography and the results of the research program Independence, decolonization, violence and war in Indonesia, 1945-1950. The monograph is destined for a broad audience and will pay attention to different perspectives. The compendium is written in Dutch and will be translated in Indonesian and English. Intended author is Gert Oostindie, assisted by an editorial board of researchers.

Edited volume
This summarizing volume is destined for an international audience of academic researchers and will be written and published in English, and if possibly translated in Indonesian shortly afterwards. In this volume all research projects will be addressed in one or more articles, written by the researchers of the respective projects. An introduction sketches out the broader historical context of the war and also outlines the broader academic and societal context of the research program itself. The volume will be edited by the program researchers.