Prof. Dr. Fridus Steijlen is senior researcher at KITLV and endowed professor of Moluccan Migration and Culture in Comparative Perspective at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. He conducts research on everyday life in present day Indonesia, and on Moluccans and Indisch Dutch in the Netherlands. Together with Henk Smeets he wrote a reference book on the history of Mollucans in the Netherlands and this fall his book on Indisch organizations will be published. Furthermore, Steijlen was the coordinator of the Oral History project on Indonesia (SMGI). SMGI conducted interviews with 724 individuals on their experiences while living in the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia. Steijlen was an advisor for several oral history projects and offered oral history training in, among others, the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Fridus Steijlen
Prof. dr. Fridus Steijlen